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The Kisna 2012 Movie Download Kickass Torrent

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Can someone remind me why this statement is true

I have just watched a lecture on ODE’s and one of the lecturer used this as a lemma. But I don’t remember why:
$f'(\lambda) = \overline{f(\lambda)}$ where $\lambda \in \mathbb{R}$
I did try myself but this step makes no sense to me:
$\frac{\partial}{\partial \lambda}f'(\lambda) = \frac{\partial}{\partial \lambda}\overline{f(\lambda)} = \overline{\frac{\partial}{\partial \lambda}f(\lambda)}$
I find this extremely hard and it’s quite hard to accept the statement as true, please help


This is because $f'(c)=\overline{f(c)}$ for any $c \in \mathbb{C}$.


using namespace metal;

struct main0_out
float FragColor [[color(0)]];

fragment main0_out main0()

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