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AutoCAD Free [Latest] 2022


AutoCAD is a general-purpose computer-aided design software that allows designers to create, edit and manage digital 2D drawings, sections, and drawings. AutoCAD supports orthographic, perspective, and isometric views as well as many 2D and 3D shapes and measurements. The application also allows for both manual and automatic editing of 2D and 3D drawings. It offers a large range of 2D and 3D drawing tools, which can be used in either manual or automatic modes. AutoCAD provides standard functions for converting and printing drawings. Also, it supports a wide range of file formats and compatibility with other software.

The application’s flexible nature also allows it to work together with other CAD software, including a wide range of third party software, such as DWG Viewer, as well as with standard office applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.

AutoCAD is frequently used to design aircraft, automobiles, machinery and various electronic products. It is also used to create architectural and engineering designs. There are a number of features of AutoCAD that make it ideal for the creation and management of general purpose computer-aided design drawings and documents. These features include:

Autodesk’s 2014 summary of Autodesk AutoCAD applications:


AutoCAD is easy to use. Designers can begin creating 2D and 3D drawings with little training, and their drawings will be readily understood by others. It is also easy to design objects and edit existing drawings, and it provides a variety of tools to perform a range of tasks.


AutoCAD provides a number of easy-to-use tools that allow you to create, edit and manage drawings. It is easy to use for students and designers who are new to CAD.


AutoCAD provides a number of flexible features to help you create, edit and manage drawings. It supports a wide range of file formats and compatible with a wide range of software, including 3D graphics and rendering tools. It is designed for 3D users who want to create and manage complex, realistic models and views.


AutoCAD can be used as a web-based application. Drawings can be shared through Internet file transfer services and cloud platforms. This allows AutoCAD to be used in the field, over the Internet, or in any location where network connectivity is available.


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Applications of Autodesk AutoCAD or other products

ArchiCAD is a free and open source CAD (Computer Aided Design) application that enables users to design and edit architectural models.
AutoCAD: architectural design and drafting software
Autodesk DreamStudio: is a concept of AutoCAD for 3D and 2D modelers.
ArchiCAD: CAD modeling environment for designing of architectural and civil infrastructure projects.
AutoCAD Architecture: the only complete architectural design and drafting software available to the public.
AutoCAD Civil 3D: a 3D-modeling tool for civil engineers.
AutoCAD Electrical Design: electrical design software.
AutoCAD Mechanical: a multi-disciplinary design tool for mechanical engineers.

AutoCAD was originally developed by Albrecht Penzoldt with initial support from Ken Bricker. In 1983 Albrecht Penzoldt started Autodesk Inc. AutoCAD was first released to users in 1984.

Over the years, the first version of AutoCAD was created using a program called QuickCAD, which was the ancestor of Autodesk’s software products (such as WinCAD, MicroStation, Fusion 360, etc.) All modern AutoCAD releases can be traced back to the first commercial versions of AutoCAD, which were released in the mid-1980s (including some predecessors to AutoCAD).

Development platforms
Software developers using AutoCAD for the first time often start with the 32-bit versions of the product, because the large memory available allows more work to be done without pausing. Only with the release of 64-bit AutoCAD in 2006 did the memory capabilities of the software shrink sufficiently to discourage the use of the older 32-bit software.

The latest 32-bit release of AutoCAD is AutoCAD 2014, which was available from the beginning of 2007 for the Windows platform and since then for Mac OS X.

AutoCAD LT (32-bit) is available from 1992. However, since it is designed for running on legacy 32-bit Windows operating systems (e.g., Windows NT 3.1 and Windows 98), it has some limitations compared to the modern 64-bit versions of the program. It does not support the.NET Framework and runs only on 32-bit Windows operating systems (e.g., Windows 2000).

AutoCAD LT (64-bit

AutoCAD PC/Windows

Open Autodesk AutoCAD.

Open the File menu and choose New.

Choose Text from the list of templates.

Enter the name of your new text file, and set the range, text formatting and horizontal and vertical alignment.

Save the file.

Alternative text editor
You can use the second format, “application-specific” (ASCII or UTF-8) in any text editor. For example, you can use Notepad or Microsoft Notepad on Windows, Linux or Mac OSX.

For example, create a file called “autocad.txt” (for instance in Notepad) with the following content:


With the text editor set to UTF-8 mode and the file-encoding set to UTF-8, you can save the file with:


So the final “autocad.txt” file will look like this:


Using the file to create a STEP file:

Step file format
Step files contain the outline of the drawing, plus additional information about the parts of the drawing. The outline can be traced or autocad gfx (pfx, dxf, srf,.x,.3d,.plt,.ldf, etc).

The Autodesk AutoCAD 2016 STEP standard is a simplified text format with some differences compared to the previous STEP standard format. The new STEP format has the following notable differences compared to the old STEP standard format.

It is human-readable text based (as opposed to a binary format)
It is simpler
It is smaller
The format is application-independent

The outline of a drawing is the ‘Text’ layer. All the Text information can be defined in one table, including information about the color, style, text size, text font and text alignment.

Once the file is saved to STEP format, it can be imported to AutoCAD.

There are two types of step files:

  1. STEP – The most commonly used type

The step file can be a single sheet, a layer, a drawing, a drawing with parts or a complete drawing. The steps of a layer are vertical lines (0.1 mm for a technical drawing, 0.01 mm for a schematic

What’s New In?

Under the covers:

New default import settings in the geometry property. (video: 2:33 min.)

New hybrid rendering engine that supports cutting and material modeling. (video: 1:44 min.)

New command-line option to export all text in an application as WOFF2.

New precision editing feature to convert polar coordinates to Cartesian coordinates.

New UI to apply line styles, shading, and icons to two or more drawings.

New UI to convert imported DWG files to PDF.

New UI to create custom colormaps from imported palettes.

New UI to create editable paths from imported paths.

New UI to create parametric lines with snaps.

New UI to show a documentation topic in the right-click menu.

New UI to use 3D painting with the new Smart 3D view.

New UI to display a help topic in the right-click menu.

New unit conversion tool with a built-in editor.

New ruler with improved handling of 2D and 3D objects.

New option for scaling to fit in multiple views at once.

Many UI enhancements to the drawing and command panels.

Many system enhancements and performance improvements.

Durable printer shells made from injection-molded ABS.

Improved resistance to environmental conditions.

Benefits of AutoCAD:

Use AutoCAD to bring your ideas to life.

Reduce the time and effort it takes to create and manipulate 2D and 3D drawings.

Save space by sharing drawing files over the network or USB.

Make it easier to collaborate with others by sharing your work online.

Work more efficiently by creating, storing, and recalling drawing commands.

Simplify editing by using the drawing command line.

Realize the benefits of AutoCAD’s sophisticated features.

AutoCAD is available to license from Autodesk for both single and multiple user use, and from Autodesk Authorized Resellers.

For more information, visit

Changes and New Features in AutoCAD 2020

Multi-User Licensing Improvements

Multi-User licensing was introduced to Autodesk in AutoCAD 2009 to enable large organizations to share a drawing account among different people or teams. With the introduction of multi-user licensing, AutoCAD installed Share mode.

System Requirements For AutoCAD:

OS: Windows XP
Memory: 1024MB
CPU: Intel Pentium 4 2.8GHz or AMD Athlon
Screen Resolution: 1024×768, 800×600
DirectX: 9.0
DirectSound: 8.0
Hard Drive: 35GB
CD-ROM: 8x
Internet: 50MB/s
Memory: 1GB

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