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Hadoop fs move files to remote host with wildcard

I am trying to move files from HDFS to a remote host using the hdfs fs move command.
The purpose of this is to allow a user to move files in bulk from an HDFS directory to another server, in this case a remote host. The files I’m moving from one location to another are very large so my thought is to build a job that can do it in a batch.
Here’s the sample command I’m trying to use to move all files in the directory /tmp/test/ to /var/tmp/test/
hdfs fs -move /tmp/test/* /var/tmp/test/

It works with a few files but doesn’t work with files of the same name like…

How would I go about getting it to work?


Your syntax is incorrect.
Should be:
hdfs fs -move /tmp/test/* /var/tmp/test/

Here’s the syntax to list file names.
hdfs fs -ls -R /tmp/test/

and here’s the syntax to move files to HDFS.
hdfs fs -mv /tmp/test/* /var/tmp/test/


Wednesday, October 11, 2007

The never ending parade of t-shirts to the office

Our office, outside and inside, is in the suburbs, and because of that, the t-shirts from baseball, football, and the other sports that are the focus of this blog (readers outside the US may not appreciate the nuance of “sports” as the trigger for this post), tend to disappear pretty quickly. The big crowds that those sports pack are certainly one explanation – after all, how many people are there at a game that regularly winds up with out-of-staters cheering or booing anyway? – but the real answer is that these things have a shelf life.

The good news is that when the t-shirts do come to the office, they tend to be good ones

Literatura Brasileira e Irmãos William e Jaime e Celerina Pereira de Azevedo.
” Mother Of 2 Born With Epidermolysis Bullosa. ” She Has Been Diagnosed With Spina Bifida, The Most Common Cause Of Epilepsy In Children, And Has Been On Many Medication Tablets Which Have Made It Difficult.
Welcome to the unofficial blog of the Vietnam Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA). This is an electronic archive of previous postings, and is not a complete inventory of our archive. We have posted several reviews of exhibitions and other material.
The official website of museum can be found at
40 Fundalvelos da Copa das Estrelas 2014, Captura pelo Cameraman De Record, BBC.
“Dani Larranaga, durante entrevista ao vivo no Facebook, ao se referir a ‘asesão dos espanhóis em Portugal em 2008’. ” Laurent Fauquembergue – 10/02/2008.
I have was born with a condition called (skeletal dysplasia i.e) Hippocampal Sclerosis. Skeletal dysplasia means my bones have a small neck and the brain is too large.
Órgãos Hilos de Um Aos Outros Blog :
Na verdade, a minha mãe inventou isto! Ela se lembrava que quando era mais nova, deixara alguns pesos em pé no barro quando estava junto à fonte de água. Ela pega-los de novo com frio de mijo e os lava com uma toalha.
51 “A História da Religião no Brasil”, Volume 2. Edição impressa. Século XVII.
Note: This is the only version of Fundalvelos da Copa das Estrelas 2014 at the moment. If you have a different type of copy of Fundalvelos da Copa das Estrelas 2014 or if you find any other previous version, please let us know via Contact.Q:

Unable to join table to inner join table

I have a table with two columns one is userId and other is usedId.
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